Supersmoke 3000

If it's coverage and control you're looking for, the Supersmoke 3000 Turbo is the machine for you - with a built-in air boost you can project smoke over a phenomenal area, without using external fans.

The Supersmoke 3000 also gives you fantastic versatility in the output you can achieve. Both the volume of smoke and the force of the air-boost are independently variable, enabling you to produce any effect, from a thin haze over a vast area to short, sharp, thick bursts.

Careful design has resulted in a compact, portable machine, with some clever practical features. For example, you can fit a unique combined smoke/air adaptor which allows you to duct air under pressure through conventional 6" (152 mm) ducting, or 2" (51 mm) non-pressurised ducting to provide powerful smoke ejection from any point. The Supersmoke 3000 Turbo also features a sensing system which will automatically stop the machine when the fluid bottle is almost empty, thereby avoiding pump burn-out. The heater block is both inexpensive and easy to refurbish, featuring a unique fluid coil system.

There is also a facility to attach an auxiliary 20 litre remote tank (see 'CYCLONE' section) - for situations where customers do not wish to replenish fluids too often. The 20 litre tank comes complete with 'low fluid' sensing and connects to the Supersmoke 3000 via a conversion kit.

Controllers have been specifically designed to ensure that independent control of smoke/air boost is maintained (see Controller section). There is even a controller (EC400T) with automatic timer operation and 'offset' facility for prolonging the air boost. Other accessories include drip trays and various ducting options.

Additional features include: