Supersmoke 1000

The Supersmoke 1000 is an excellent machine, designed to cope with punishing use over a long period. The  machine produces extremely high quality, small particle size, dry smoke, which is proving very popular with indoor venues because of its fine particle size and low condensation properties.

As with all Effects Company machines, the Supersmoke 1000 is engineered to the highest standards. The heater block is both inexpensive and easy to refurbish, featuring a unique fluid coil system. The machine is available with a wide range of accessories, including ducting adaptors, drip trays, ducting and various smoke fluids.

The unit is available with interchangeable remote controllers (see Controller section) giving ultimate flexibility and control over smoke output. There is also a facility to attach an auxiliary 20 litre remote tank (see 'CYCLONE' section) - for situations where customers do not wish to replenish fluids too often. The 20 litre tank comes complete with 'low fluid' sensing and connects to the Supersmoke 1000 via a conversion kit.

The Supersmoke 1000 also has an optional sensing system which monitors the fluid level, automatically stopping the machine when the fluid bottle is almost empty, thereby avoiding burn-out which is a common problem for operators using machines in remote or inaccessible locations.

There are many smoke machines around, but none are so reliable and versatile as the Supersmoke 1000. Additional features include: