Supersmoke 500 mini

The Supersmoke 500 Mini is a really versatile machine, designed to give you thick bursts of dry smoke in almost any location.

A favourite with the film industry, the Mini 500 has a generous 20mm ceramic fibre insulation which allows mains-free operation for a period of up to 30 minutes, producing a powerful smoke output from an aerosol canister at the rear. The Mini 500 Remote has a stereo jack socket to allow remote control from dedicated controllers including timer versions and DMX, but still retains override option on the machine itself.

Electronic temperature control prevents overheating which is common in machines with mechanical thermostats and ensures smooth operation at all times. An external filter prevents blockages in the fluid system.

Designed as a workhorse for tough location work, the Mini series is easy to service, with removable panels exposing the whole of the inside of the machine for quick servicing. An isolating thermal fuse system independent of the electronic circuit ensures safe operation at all times.

The Mini series accepts standard 51mm ducting, for controlled dispersal around any set or stage area.