Fluid containers in all sizes

The Effects Company has developed a full range of professional fluids designed to produce almost any effect you want. They are manufactured to the very highest standards to avoid machine blockages, and can in fact be mixed to provide dithering effects.

The less dense 'Haze' and 'Superhaze' fluids are becoming increasingly popular in helping clubs and venues meet licensing authority requirements to keep ambient smoke levels to a minimum.

Effects Company smoke fluids are available in a wide range of convenient sizes - from 2.5 litre bottles, to 205 litre barrels.

This produces the traditional dense white smoke effect with long-lasting results.

A thinner, hazier effect than standard fluid, with a slight blue hue. It disperses quicker than standard fluid and produces a less pronounced jet from the smoke machine. It is particularly suited to enclosed areas because it doesn't tend to leave a residue on surfaces or equipment.

Virtually transparent as it emerges from the machine, superhaze remains almost invisible until highlighted by light beams. Developed as a replacement for 'cracked oil' fluids, it doesn't leave deposits, and is ideal for use with turbo machines.

A smoke fluid specially formulated for use in the Cirrus Lowsmoke machine, it generates a thick white heavy smoke which clings to the ground. It disperses quickly when it warms.

This produces a slightly less dense effect than the thick version and disperses more quickly. It is ideal for areas where people are moving or dancing, creating a swirling effect at floor level without rising.

For use in the Mini 500 range, they contain the smoke and the propellant combined. They are all ozone friendly and contain no CFC's.