Cyclone 4000 Turbo

The Cyclone 4000 Turbo is the world's most sophisticated smoke machine, combining state-of-the-art microprocessor control with innovative design to give you the ultimate product.

Two thermally protected pumps feeding twin heater blocks combine to produce an awesome smoke output. Independent variable smoke output and air boost give you the versatility to vary between massive billowing fog to a thin wispy haze over vast areas. Remote 0-10 volt or DMX 512 provide the ultimate in control.

The design characteristics of the Cyclone 4000 Turbo cover every conceivable application. For example, the heater blocks feature a unique copper coil system which means simple refurbishment in the case of blockage. Externally accessed filters protect the system from foreign bodies. Thermal protection is supplied via twin thermal fuses, independent of the electronic circuitry. Smoke output is controlled via a servo flap system on the front of the machine, giving you accurate control of air flow independent of smoke volume.

The Cyclone 4000 Turbo has DMX compatibility built-in which allows you to integrate your smoke operation with lighting through your control desk; you simply daisy-chain the Cyclone in the same way you would an intelligent light. You can always switch back to 0-10 volt local control should you wish.

Accessories include a 20 litre auxilliary tank, and castored trolley.