Cumulus dry ice machine


The Cumulus dry ice machine is a well thought out and exceptionally well engineered products packed with practical features which make it easier to use than any other on the market.

The high capacity dry-ice basket ensures huge quantities of fog output, and can be changed almost instantaneously using the lift-out basket mechanism. Almost continuous coverage can be achieved for any length of time with a 'stand-by' basket.

The heater element is fitted above the water level avoiding electrical problems from leakages, and the lid is fitted with a single action locking mechanism to ensure that dry-ice loading is super-quick!

A ducting adaptor for 2" ducting will produce a greater projection of fog if you need it, and actually provides 2 options. You can use the adaptor without ducting, which projects the smoke under pressure a greater distance than usual, or you can add the ducting to direct the output to another area.

The whole machine is built from a one piece, seam free, rotational moulded shell. It has a 39 litre water capacity, and a 9 kilogram dry-ice capacity which will provide prolonged output of dry-ice in any location. You can use multiple baskets for dry-ice production in large quantities.