CO2 Cannon System

Multi-barrell effects

The CO2 Cannon system brings a new level of sophistication to air launched effects.

With single or five-barrelled cannons, using an advanced electronics package for control, and easily obtainable CO2 as a propellant this is the most user friendly system available anywhere!

(Right: Multi-barrel effects)

Cartridge Loading

Cartridge Loading is absolute simplicity The system uses factory pre-loaded cartridges - so there's no more messing around filling tubes 'on-site'. And performance is guaranteed!

Two cartridge sizes are available:

(Right: Cartridge Loading is absolute simplicity)

Single Barrel Cannon

Single Barrell Cannon back plate Complete with support/hanging bracket this easy to use unit takes the complete range of 34 or 56mm cartridges and uses 0-10v analogue electronics, which initiates a micro-pulse of CO2, to fire the cartridge. The Effects Company's DMX Convertor may be used for digital DMX Control. Multiple units may be 'daisy chained' together, for higher area coverage.

(Right: Single Barrel Cannon back plate)

Multi-Barrel Cannon

Multiple units with DMX Controller The most sophisticated and versatile system anywhere! The unit has five individual barrels that accept either 34 or 56mm cartridges, and an advanced digital electronics package that automatically rotates the CO2 supply to the selected barrel. Remote control can be either via the versatile EC600, or by inbuilt DMX 512. Up to 5 x heads (25 x barrels) can be controlled with EC600, and an infinite number with a standard DMX Controller. An operator can set up individual barrel firing, automatic sequential firing, or a complex firing pattern/sequence with several heads and DMX programming. The array of 5 tubes can be adjusted - from all pointing in the same direction, to a 'fan' pattern.

(Right: Multiple units with DMX Controller)

CO2 Supply

Multi barrell unit - CO2 and electronics connections Both CO2 Cannon models use a short pre-set 'micro-pulse' of gas to fire the cartridge, but with high pressure, so the propellant cost is incredibly low (unlike miniature CO2 bulbs). Operators can use any size of gas CO2 cylinder, or for mobile/temporary use a small 70mm (dia) cylinder can be attached to the main CO2 Cannon, via a bracket/holder/short CO2 hose. The whole unit is then very portable and self-contained.

(Right: Multi-barrell unit - CO2 and electronics connections)


Effects Available

In addition to the best hardware systems, we have developed a fantastic range of cartridged effects, for the widest choice - suitable for all venues. Here is a selection to excite!:

And we shall be developing more effects cartridges in the future!

(Below, left to right: Top row: Effetti, Flash Discs, Metallic Streamers, Bottom row: Effetti, Multi-Coloured Streamers, Stars)

Effetti Flash Discs Metallic Streamers

Effetti Multi-Coloured Streamers Stars

Accessories for multi-barrelled system

Hanging bracket for muti-barrell Hanging Brackets:

This heavy-duty bracket can be used to 'fly' the cannon from a lighting rig/trussing etc. It can also be used to support the system at an angle, if used on stage, for example.

(Right: Hanging bracket for multi-barrell)

Mini Cylinder system Mini CO2 Cylinder/Box and Bracket

This kit can be used on both single and multi-barrelled systems. Operators can now use a refillable mini cylinder (0.43 kilos) which can be attached to the main cannon. This makes for very versatile CO2 supplies close to the head, and ideal for 'temporary' use. The Effects Company have also developed a Fill Rig System, to refill mini CO2 cylinders from a large cylinder - the ultimate in economy of use!

(Right: Mini Cylinder system)


The angle and projection of tubes are variable Unlike pyrotechnic systems, there is no explosive charge, and therefore minimal safety considerations and no licensing/storage problems. The system will be popular with authorities, fire marshalls etc., and customers will be able to use the system where perhaps pyrotechnic systems have met previous resistance.

(Right: The angle and projection of tubes are variable)

Complete System - Product/Accessory Listing:

  • CO2 Cannon - Multibarrel head
  • EC600 - Digital hand-held controller
  • Hanging Bracket/Stand - for multi-barrel head
  • Mini CO2 Cylinder (70mm Ø x 245mm high - 0.43 kgs)
  • Fill Rig System - to fill mini CO2 cylinder from large cylinder
  • Holder/Bracket - for attaching mini CO2 cylinder to multi-barrel head and single barrel unit
  • Short (stainless/braided) hose - mini cylinder to multi-barrel head, or single barrel unit
  • Long Hoses (for large CO2 Cylinders) - 1 metres - 2 metres - 4 metres
  • Single barrel CO2 Cannon, with hanging/support bracket
  • EC40 Controller - analogue 0-10v, for above
  • Baseplate, for single barrel cannon
  • 34mm cartridged effects
  • 56mm cartridged effects
  • 34mm overpressure tube
  • 56mm overpressure tube
  • 34/56 adaptor - to use 56mm tubes with single barrel and multi-barrel units.

Many effects are available in 2 sizes/loadings All electrical items are 'CE/EMC' approved and are available in 220-240v/50Hz and 110-120v/60Hz versions.

(Right: Many effects are available in 2 sizes/loadings)

Larger ones can be used with the 56mm cartridges Whether it's for a nightclub, theme park, TV show, theatre, fashion show, product launch, sports stadium, parade, concert hall, party....customers now have access to the most advanced user-friendly system - with a stunning selection of effects cartridges, and with the back-up of one of the worlds most respected manufacturers of SFX equipment.

(Right: Larger ones can be used with the 56mm cartridges)