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The Cirrus Lowsmoke allows you to produce authentic dry-ice type effects using a conventional smoke machine, without expensive refrigeration systems or cumbersome freezing tunnels.

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The Cirrus simply fixes to the front of any of the Effects Company Supersmoke machines, changing its output to a low lying dense haze that is virtually indistinguishable from dry-ice.

Cirrus Lowsmoke effect Cirrus Lowsmoke in action

Using easily obtainable CO2, the Cirrus cools the smoke to an incredible -25C, ensuring that the smoke sinks immediately it leaves the machine. The unit links electronically to the main machine, and works 'in tandem' on 0-10 volts so that you can link to lighting desks and central controllers. Ducting options allow you to direct lowsmoke through standard 51mm tubing.

The Cirrus is a very economical machine and only uses 1 kilo of liquid CO2 per 1 minutes of operation. Working from a standard 6.35kg cylinder, you can produce 9 minutes of dry-ice effect; a 34kg cylinder will last 48 minutes; you can also use multiple cylinders manifolded together for even longer operation. There is also a Cirrus version to fit onto the F100 smoke machine, with adapted electronics and a fitting bracket included. The Cirrus can also be DMX operated, by using the Effects Company DMX converter - for truly versatile operation.

As with all Effects Company products, the Cirrus Lowsmoke boasts quality design and build. It has a stainless steel inner shell and non-ferrous components to prevent rusting, and includes a built-in condensate tray, to ensure exceptionally dry operation.

In use the world over - and fast becoming the most popular lowsmoke system around !


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