Aromatech technology

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Introducing a new concept, a new idea, and new market areas – aroma technology using an Aroma Effects Machine. Whereas senses of sight and hearing are catered for in ever more sophisticated technology, the sense of smell that is part of our everyday lives has been forgotten – until now !

There have been some expensive or ‘home made’ Essence machines previously marketed – but this is the first time that the technology has been thoroughly researched and developed with the aim of presenting a system that has been well thought out and designed to be visually appealing in every installation – as customers of the Effects Company have come to expect. A sophisticated electronics system completes the package. Just look at these specifications!

The operating principle:

The Aromatech operates on a venturi airflow system and does not use heat. Heat-based systems invariably decompose the delicate essence components and alter the final fragrances. Neither does it use any ‘transducer’ or ‘spray’ system to atomise the particles – the Aromatech produces a pure fragrance of incredibly small ‘sub micron’ airborne particles that will not produce a lingering smell after the machine has either stopped working and the air cleared, or removed totally from the area of installation.

Areas of use:

Like any new technology, there are many exciting areas to be explored and considerable numbers of new market areas which can be cultivated – these are only limited by our imagination, but to list just a few of the existing possible market areas:

Health & Fitness Clubs
Estate Agency ( new homes, house sales - to increase attractiveness of presentations )
Industrial - for removal of unpleasant odours
Nursing/Care Homes
Removal of smoke odours from communal areas
Corporate Identity
Point of sale support
Perfumery sales/demonstrations

The market potential is quite considerable and the customer-friendly, simple to use Aromatech is ideal for fulfilling the needs of the present and future needs of this growth industry.


A range of essences has been developed, using only the finest compounds, with no expense spared. Cheap ingredients are not used, as they will make a noticeable difference in the quality of fragrance produced. The bottle refills contain essences in a highly concentrated form. The range of essences are:

Mint Coconut Chocolate
Strawberry Orange Lavender
Lemon Cut Grass Camomile
Apple Floral Bouquet Patchouli
Musk Neutraliser Musty
Sandalwood Roasted Coffee Pine
Sea/Ocean Smoke Swamp
Ylang Ylang Anti-Tobacco Green Tea
Apricot Hickory Arabian Nights
Hyacinth Bubble Gum Jasmine
Cedarwood Leather Cinnamon
Melon Cologne English Rose
Wild Fig Nut Toffee Peppermint
Grapefruit Pineapple Pizza
Spa Spring Blossom Jungleberry
Vanilla Antiseptic Farmyard
Hot Cross Bun Stench Frankincense & Myrrh  

‘Aromatherapy’ types:


Sparkling, citrus blend of grapefruit and mandarin.


A blend of lime, lemon, lavender and herbal woody fragrances.

A blend of citrus, plus aromatic, herbal, woody base. Also contains Frankincense for its revitalising properties.

* Other fragrances can be made to order, by arrangement. Please request our 'specials' list (minimum order quantities apply).

Some crude ‘fragrance generators’ previously available have produced very unpleasant fragrances - and the Aromatech fragrances should not be confused or compared to these. Without exception, customers who have previewed the Aromatech system have all been exceptionally impressed!

Customers who wish to sample our essences can do so via single bottles in a mixed box of 12. The 53 standard essences are divided into 4 x boxes of 12 (boxes A, B, C, D) and a Customer Choice box (box E). Please request any of the following boxes:

Mixed Box ‘A’ Selection (1 of each essence)

Orange, Coconut, Musk, Floral Bouquet, Musty, Lemon, Swamp, Pine, Camomile, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cut Grass


Mixed Box ‘B’ Selection (1 of each essence)

Strawberry, Ylang Ylang, Smoke, Apple, Coffee, Invigorating, Mint, Stimulating, Chocolate, Energising, Lavender, Ocean/Sea




Mixed Box ‘C’ Selection (1 of each essence)

Anti-Tobacco, Green Tea, Hickory, Arabian Nights, Jasmine, Jungleberry, Cologne, English Rose, Nut Toffee, Peppermint, Frankincense & Myrrh,


Mixed Box ‘D’ Selection (1 of each essence)

Apricot, Hyacinth, Bubble Gum, Cedarwood, Leather, Cinnamon, Melon, Wild Fig, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Pizza, Spring Blossom




Mixed Box 'E' selection

Special 'Customer Choice'
Select a box of any 12 essences from our Standard list above



The Aromatech Machine has an impressive electronics package, with a state-of-the-art touch panel/LCD screen operation of:
1. ON/OFF operation
2. Volume: control of output volume
3. Output mode: ‘constant’ or ‘timer’ operation
4. Control mode: either from touch panel or ‘remote’ -by digital ‘DMX’ operation-.
In addition, the whole control module can be disconnected from the main machine and operated remotely, up to hundreds of metres away, if required. All electrics/electronics have been tested/comply with ‘CE’ approval standards

The Essence Bottle
It is simplicity itself to change an essence bottle – less than 20 seconds! Just open the hinged door, push the ‘Bottle Release’ button – and change the bottles over. A unique feature of Aromatech technology is the bottle seal system. When the ‘Bottle Release’ is deactivated, an internal mechanism automatically caps the bottle, held centrally in its correct position.
This ensures:
1. The contents will not spill, if the machine is moved/transported.
2. The contents will not evaporate.
3. When the machine is switched to ‘OFF’, the bottle is immediately capped – stopping the fragrance effect immediately.
This also allows the high speed fan to run down – pulling in clear air, to remove all traces of the fragrance from the Aromatech.

Another feature of the Aromatech Effects Machine is the ‘High Output’ facility. Most customers will use the Aromatech on reduced power (approximately 50%) – for a background fragrance with quiet operation, but for situations where a ‘boost’ is required – 100% power is available to really project the effect. Also, the unique angled output of the machine – this feature is incorporated to project the fragrance 45º into the air – thus reaching above ‘head level’ – for a considerable distance to gain maximum area coverage.

Duration of Essence

The Aromatech essences are very concentrated and therefore very economical to use. To give an example – during development of the Aromatech, an ‘Apple’ fragrance was inserted and used for 8 hours per day, 5 or 6 days per week. It was not until 2 weeks that there was any noticeable weakening of the fragrance.


Hanging Bracket: allows Aromatech to be permanently mounted.
DMX Remote Module: allows Aromatech to be controlled digitally via DMX 512 (requires 3 x channels of DMX).
Ducting Adaptor: attaches to 3 x mounting holes on front of machine. This bellows unit allows the airflow to be directed at any angle – through 360º in rotation, and up to 90º from the direction of the machine. It also has an extension tube to allow connection of 4" (102mm) or 100mm tubing ie: for connection to ductwork/air conditioning/ventilation systems.

Aromatech Specifications 'at a glance':

Size : 300 (w) x 300 (d) x 203 (h)
Weight : unboxed: 9.6 kilos - boxed: 11.5 kilos
Power requirements : 200 watts
Power input : IEC socket – 220–240v / 50Hz or 110-120v / 60Hz
Control : Touch panel/LCD display – digital Internal or remote - DMX 512 option available
Finish : Royal Blue texturecoat

Accessories :

* DMX module
* Hanging Bracket
* Swivel Ducting Adaptor
* Essences – packed in boxes of 12.


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